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the Balanced Man Plan! 

The Balanced Man Plan is a Holistic Healing System developed and maintained by Logan Cohen (, a Man who has been through many of these trials & tribulations himself personally, as well as through Friends & Loved Ones - some of which did not make it out alive.


After working in the field for over ten years as a suicide hotline operator, wilderness counselor, professional therapist, and counseling group founder - it is now time to be a larger part of a Solution for our fellow Brothers, Fathers, Sons, Friends, and therefore community at large.

The Balanced Man Plan is delivered through a collection of Self-Guided Coaching Plans  - interactive online courses of key information, instructional videos, and exercises that are designed to be completed individually in cases where you have found exactly what you are looking for, OR as a wrap-around holistic healing system.
This method allows you to work through each interactive Self-Guided Coaching Plan at your convenience and based your unique needs - as defined by YOU
Check out one of our Self-Guided Coaching Plans today and see why Balanced is the New Best. 

Choose a Self-Guided Coaching Plan Below

  • Intro Module

    See what all the buzz is about!
    Free Plan
    • Core vs. Support Modules
    • Module Structure
    • Module Summary
  • Family

    Core Module
    • Family of Origin
    • Nature versus Nurture
    • Healthy Family Relationships
  • Physical Health

    Core Module
    • Nutrition
    • Physical Activity
    • Sleep
  • Emotional

    Core Module
    • Value Assessment 
    • Goal Setting
    • Motivation 
  • Purpose

    Core Module
    • Passions
    • Personal Integrity
    • Talents/Gifts
  • Self Identity

    Core Module
    • How it helps
    • How it hurts 
    • Living True to Self
  • Sex & Intimacy

    Supporting Module
    • Emotional Intimacy 
    • Physical Intimacy
    • Relationship Types 
  • Finance/Professional

    Supporting Module
    • Financial Planning
    • Work- Life Balance
  • Faith & Spirituality

    Supporting Module
    • Healthy Practices
    • Abusive Practices
    • Faith in Modern Society
  • Friendship

    Supporting Module
    • Intro v. Extraversion
    • Healthy Boundaries
    • Social Development
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