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Decrease Healthcare Costs With Online Life Coaching, Even If Insurance Won’t Pay

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

By: Logan Cohen, Professional Therapist & Online Life Coach

We get the following questions all of the time…”Do you take my health insurance? I’m really on a budget these days...” There are several different answers to that question depending on what kind of support the client is looking for and what Life Coach the client is talking to. This article will provide all of those answers, as well as provide you with some information about how our online life coaching programs are designed to decrease your healthcare costs, even if health insurance won’t pay.

It is not required for a Life Coach to have any clinical training. “Clinical Training” is formal academic training in Counseling Psychology that meets requirements set forth by our current Medical Model in this country. Due to this lack of required clinical/medical training, a Life Coach’s services will not be covered by their clients’ insurance company unless the Life Coach also holds an active license as a Professional Therapist and Life Coach. As a Professional Therapist in the state of North Carolina, I can provide some options for seeking reimbursement for out of pocket payment with North Carolina residents if this is desired.

With that being said, many of my clients find that our online life coaching will actually decrease healthcare costs, even if Clients choose to stay “off the grid” with their insurance companies Many Clients have discovered the benefits to keeping their Online Life Coaching work private from their insurance companies and utilizing private pay, while some Clients prefer to seek reimbursement for all healthcare services possible. There are “pros and cons” to each approach and after years of working with Clients within the insurance company paradigm, as well as in the private pay sectors, I want to take a moment and explain the “pros and cons” of each approach. In the end, you might find that Online Life Coaching not only improves healthcare outcomes results while protecting privacy, but also can decrease healthcare costs in the end.

In this article, we give a lot of great information about how life coaching can improve health outcomes across a wide range of healthcare issues, and especially for us Men. The article goes into great detail around how life coaching for men can be used to improve outcomes in treating medical conditions such as Anxiety and Depression, or even Diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In addition to maximizing the productivity of your existing healthcare efforts, our Online Life Coaching can also decrease healthcare costs in doing so.

Western Medicine has developed an incredible ability to treat illnesses, however access to those services and approaches are a different story. For most Americans, the best medical care is often out of range for the average household’s budget. In fact, two thirds of people who file for bankruptcy are forced to do so as a result of debt incurred from medical bills that could not be paid. This is horrible!

America identifies as the “land of opportunity” in so many different ways, however the disparity between healthcare options for our Citizens is mediocre at best, and dangerously negligent at its worst.

Our Online Life Coaching services are designed to treat “load bearing walls” of imbalance in our Client’s lives that our Founder Logan Cohen has identified in his clinical work with patients over his years as a Professional Therapist - and especially for Men. Our Online Life Coaching is priced at a reasonable rate for clients who want to get the most out of their Health, without having to sell a kidney on Craigslist.

In addition to the affordability, benefits to long-term health outcomes and decrease healthcare costs, our Online Life Coaching is also defined specifically for Men by a Professional Therapist, who happens to also be a Man, Husband, and Father himself.

Here are the Ways our Our Online Life Coaching for Men Decreases Healthcare Costs:

#1 Way our Our Online Life Coaching for Men Decreases Healthcare Costs - Privacy

One of the greatest concerns or us Men tends to be our privacy. While adding to our toolkit of problem solving and maximizing our health without draining our wallet sounds great, it might feel weird to talk about all “that stuff” in person. As Men, we are raised to take care of things more independently and usually prefer a bit more privacy to ask personal questions. This was taken into consideration and is why some of our online life coaching options are organized into self-guided digital plans that are designed to help you get the results you want in the comfort of your own Home.

#2 Way our Our Online Life Coaching for Men Decreases Healthcare Costs - Time management

There are only 24 hours in a day (unfortunately) and while we are pretty darn good at what we do, we aren’t good enough to add an extra hour to the day. With this being said, cut yourself some slack in this department and at least allow this process to make your life less complicated. It might not be ideal to add yet another appointment to the calendar or create another transportation need when Life already feels so spread out. With the easy availability to our Online Life Coaching services, you can do your own personal work on your time and on your terms.

#3 Way our Our Online Life Coaching for Men Decreases Healthcare Costs - Affordable Options

Did we mention that our services are affordable, in addition to the long-term decrease in healthcare costs? For the cost of 1 cup of coffee a week, you can access all of our self-guided online life coaching that has been created by Logan Cohen, a seasoned Professional Therapist with over 10 years in the field.

#4 Way our Our Online Life Coaching for Men Decreases Healthcare Costs - Both Professional AND "insider know-how"

Our online life coaching is designed to address the specific areas of tension in Men’s Lives. Us Men tend to have a lot of “balls in the air”, but perhaps the two MOST important parts of our Lives has to do with Family and our Professional Lives. The two jobs of being a Provider and a Protector are about as important as it gets for us Men, however many behavioral expectations for us in these spaces are so - incredibly - DIFFERENT!

Our online life coaching services are designed to support the Health & Happiness of Men in a way that actually benefits both our Professional Lives and that of our Loved Ones. Our Founder Logan Cohen knows as a Professional Therapist, Online Life Coach, and Father/Husband that if our roles as Provider and Protector are not in Balance, nothing else works properly. We want to help you make that better.

My name is Logan Cohen and I am a Professional Therapist & Life Coach with over 10 years in the field of Counseling Psychology. I am a Clinical Supervisor for the American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy, as well as the founder of New Leaf Counseling Group, LLC in Charlotte, NC. After spending tens of thousands of clinical hours with my own clients, starting a successful group practice, as well as a beautiful Family, I “picked my head up from the grindstone” to check in on childhood Friends & Loved Ones.

I painfully discovered that more than a few of my childhood Friends passed away at a young age from preventable health conditions and decided that as a Man, Husband, Father, and Friend, I could no longer stand by as People suffered in silence and self-destructed rather than ask for help. It doesn’t have to be like that and the holistic healing methods offered by the Balanced Man Plan is designed to help People “get unstuck” and break free from old patterns that are the barriers between Self & quality of Life.

The Balanced Man Plan is a therapeutic digital experience delivered through Self-Guided Coaching Plans created by a Male Therapist with the common barriers & strengths of Men in mind. The Balanced Man Plan has the goal of introducing a natural Balance back to Life so it is sustainable for the optimal Health & Well-Being of Self and Loved Ones - and ALL from the privacy and comfort of Home. If you have enjoyed what you see so far, check out our Self Guided Coaching Plans!

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