Law of Attraction & Manifestation as Spiritual Abuse: 7 Shortcomings

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

By: Logan Cohen, Professional Therapist & Online Life Coach - Balanced Man Plan

As anyone in this World learns before too long, you CAN have too much of “a good thing.” When it comes to over-exercising or over-working, this tends to be more obvious. There is pain in our Body and/or Mind that lets us know there has been “too much” and if we ignore this, we can REALLY hurt ourselves!

In the same vein, there are cases where People are hurt by religious or spiritual abuse. There are so many BEAUTIFUL aspects of Faith & Spirituality, which is why this is one of the “Support Areas” in our Balanced Man Plan online life coaching for Men (in addition to Sex/Intimacy, Professional/Financial Life, & Friendships). If at any point you would rather just dive in to the Self-Guided Coaching Plan for Faith & Spirituality, then feel free to do so here.

For all of those wonderful concepts in Faith & Spirituality, Spiritual Abuse is now beginning to be as common as Religious Abuse. It is easier to see how a “cult” is abusive to its followers by taking advantage of them and their resources with stories of fear and shame designed to make them scared of “the outside world.”

What if we told you that some of the recent “spiritual movements”, such as the Law of Attraction & Manifestation, can be also harm People with mental health issues if their unique symptoms are not taken into consideration?

We are going to break all of it down in this article to make sure your spiritual and faith-based practices are helping you get to your destination, rather than becoming part of the problem.

In case you have not heard of the concepts “Law of Attraction” and “Manifestation,” these are concepts made popular in a book called The Secret where the writer tells the reader that the answers to their deepest desires can be had in steps: ask, believe, and receive.

This is based on a quote from the Bible's book of Matthew 21:22 saying, "And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."

That sure SOUNDS great, however this concept of asking The Cosmos for your desires, believing it will happen, then blindly expecting things to go your way is not much different from the point of view of a toddler who insists on buying candy every time you take them through the checkout aisle at the grocery store. They REALLY want that chocolate, so will ask for it and believe they should get it, but that has (or SHOULD have) very little impact on whether they actually DO get that candy!

As it is presented in most of the writings you will see around The Secret, Law of Attraction, and Manifestation, these concepts are good for ONE thing and one thing only - holding on to HOPE when times are hard. There are times that if you “stay the course,” then the fruits of your labor should come, but ONLY if everything ELSE is in balance as well!

If not, the Law of Attraction and Manifestation easily take the form of spiritual abuse that most People only attribute to organized religion, where someone is told that, “If they are still struggling, that just means they don’t have enough FAITH.”

THIS is the SAME old spiritual abuse that has been used to control vulnerable People since politics bled into religion - but this time it is cloaked in a different, less assuming form. You CAN meet your goals by BECOMING your intentions through regular practice of focused thoughts, feelings, behaviors. Between smart planning, the right mind-set, and supportive Loved Ones the online life coaching for Men from Balanced Man Plan is designed to help you BECOME the focus of your intention, and then will draw like-minded People to you who will support this “new vibe.” From here, momentum towards your goals can REALLY get going in a NEW way, but this is FAR more involved then just, “ask, believe, and receive.”

This article will describe 7 Shortcomings of the Law of Attraction and Manifestation that reflect Spiritual Abuse in the SAME ways that organized religion has practiced with the masses for centuries. In addition to this, you will find a description of the strategies used in the online life coaching for Men offered by the Balanced Man Plan that is designed to give you the results you have been looking for with evidence-based research (and maybe some balanced Faith - if you are into that sort of thing).

Law of Attraction & Manifestation as Spiritual Abuse

#1 Key from Balanced Man Plan Online Life Coaching for Men - Science

First, the Law of Attraction and Manifestation do NOT explain Anxiety and Depression symptoms well enough. If you are struggling with Anxiety or Depression symptoms and have tried to ask, believe, and receive, then you KNOW this is just ASKING TO GET STUCK. When we have Anxiety or Depression, this is NOT just “getting sad” OR “really worried.” This is about a chemical imbalance caused by a range of factors that keeps the Person with Anxiety or Depression symptoms STUCK in a loop of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that creates more of the same symptoms.

Anxiety symptoms create stimulation of our Central Nervous System that sends messages to our Mind & Body saying (really YELLING), “YOU ARE IN DANGER!” On the other hand, Depression symptoms do in the OPPOSITE direction. Depression symptoms deaden stimulation of our Central Nervous System that sends messages to our Mind & Body saying, “YOU HAVE NO ENERGY AND DON’T NEED TO ANYWAYS BECAUSE YOUR EFFORTS WOULD BE POINTLESS ANYWAYS.” Whether you deal with Anxiety symptoms, Depression symptoms, or a combo of BOTH, the Law of Attraction and Manifestation are NO MATCH for these issues. REGARDLESS of how much you might “ask and believe”, you CANNOT “receive” anything DIFFERENT because Anxiety & Depression symptoms keep People STUCK in these described loops above.

The online life coaching offered by the Balanced Man Plan is designed to take the helpful pieces (like self-visualization and creating HOPE), then combines evidence-based research from Psychology, Anthropology, and Social Sciences to help you get the results you are looking for.

Law of Attraction & Manifestation as Spiritual Abuse

#2 Key from Balanced Man Plan online life coaching for Men - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy concepts

As shown above, it is common to see the Law of Attraction & Manifestation telling People that if they just FOCUS and PRACTICE HARD ENOUGH, then the Anxiety and Depression symptoms will go away and if they DON’T, then this is because they aren’t trying hard enough OR don’t want it enough. This is largely borrowed from how organized religion views the concept of “Faith.”

In reality if someone has Anxiety or Depression symptoms, they CANNOT use the techniques from Law of Attraction and/or Manifestation as designed because the Anxiety and Depression loops will drag People back into those realities.

This is the SAME as telling someone they should be able to cure themselves of Anxiety or Depression by “just having Faith.”

If it were that simple, they would have DONE that by NOW!

The online life coaching for Men offered by the Balanced Man Plan uses some of the concepts found in Law of Attraction and Manifestation in order to visualize a NEW set of goals and a NEW path to get to that new location, but with the power of your OWN natural and healthy balance to get you to that new goal. Our Balanced Man Plan will help you consider your own natural strengths, weaknesses, and desires to help you create a PLAN to use the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in your daily Life to create the best balance for Self & Loved Ones from the privacy and comfort of Home.

Law of Attraction & Manifestation as Spiritual Abuse

#3 Key from Balanced Man Plan online life coaching for Men - Healthy Faith v. Spiritual Abuse

If someone has something chemical going on with Dopamine & Serotonin in their Body that is outside of their awareness or even immediate control, the concepts from the Law of Attraction & Manifestation will actually make their symptoms WORSE.

Remember how Anxiety symptoms trick our Mind & Body into believing there is a threat to safety in the immediate environment? This physical experience in our Body creates the FEELING that the threat is RIGHT there and when our Mind experiences this, our thoughts will follow suit with, “OMG this is SO dangerous right now!” As a result, we will second-guess our decisions and operate from a “scarcity bias”, where we believe we will NOT get the resources we need in order to feel safe.

If you ask someone to practice “believe, ask, and receive” in THIS space, then they will likely AVOID, which results in Anxiety symptoms going down. This decrease in Anxiety symptoms after we avoid the threat tells the Mind that our behavior WORKED to create safety, so we should CONTINUE being scared of the threat and running away from it, which is just MORE OF THE SAME.

Let’s take a look at how this plays out for Depression symptoms. When we struggle with Depression, this creates an impression that we have LOW energy and don’t CARE about what is happening in our environment - similar to the experience of “learned helplessness.” If we allow “believe, ask, and receive” from Law of Attraction and Manifestation to take hold, then the person with Depression symptoms will NEVER get started because it seems POINTLESS.

Our online life coaching for Men from the Balanced Man Plan helps you get brain chemicals like Dopamine, Serotonin, and of course TESTOSTERONE back into balance with NATURAL solutions using decisions available in daily Life. Our Self-Guided Coaching Plan on Healthy Faith & Spirituality can even help you figure out the elements of your faith-based spiritual practice that can help you achieve your goals with natural solutions, rather than getting stuck in the same old place(s).

Law of Attraction & Manifestation as Spiritual Abuse

#4 Key from Balanced Man Plan online life coaching for Men - Healthy Lifestyle & Nutrition

When it comes to Anxiety and Depression symptoms, there has been a lot of debate over the years regarding, “Nature versus Nurture.” Are Depression and Anxiety symptoms about an internal chemical imbalance? Or are these anxiety symptoms about something being “OFF” in our environment? Through years of study and trials in evidence-based research, scientists have realized that BOTH work TOGETHER in a process called Epigenetics.